Welcome! You have arrived at a collection of specialized pages, devoted to the art of web design and providing information on several subjects. The HTML for all our pages is hand-coded, most of the photographs are our own, and a fair portion of the graphics have been created by us specifically for this site.

Many of our main pages have larval bugs as their background, which we identify for the viewer. This one is a baby southern green stink bug.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to contact us by with comments, corrections, questions, or if you just want to chat.

The following links provide access to the main features:

 larvalbug's home page    An introduction & family and investment newsletter.
 Austin Bug Collection    Photographic guide to the insects and spiders of Austin, TX.
 The Fauna Project    A program at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX.
 larvaluebug    Value investing articles by Larry.
 Frisky's Section    Photo galleries & humor featuring dogs and other animals.
 Periwinkle's Page    The exploits of a wire fox terrier, presented with pictures.
 larvalbug bytes archives    Articles, photos and graphics from our newsletter.
 Links We Like    A few of our favorite web sites.
 larvalbugtoo    Artwork by Valerie.
 larvalbug's garden    Garden Bits: Nature photography and short essays.
 larvalbug eye    Free nature photos for personal, nonprofit, and educational use.
 larvalbugzoo    Wild and zoo animal photo galleries.
 larvalbugGIF    Free clip art with a nature theme.

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